Be part of those
who build
Ananda Marga’s future!

Jamalpur, the city where Baba was born and lived for 45 years.
This place is saturated with spiritual energy,
as many yogis and tantrikas practiced
and achieved spiritual realization there.
Ananda Marga was created here.
 Jamalpur is the first jagriti,
the first disciples, the first acharyas.
This is the place where Baba
formulated his socio-spiritual philosophy.
Many milestones in the history of AM
were written here.
Jamalpur is a must visit place
for every margii.
It vibrates with the spiritual energy
of our Guru
and everyone who visits it feels it.
Our wonderful dadas and didis
have long cherished the dream
of giving this
place a worthy setting.

And so, in 2017,
the most ambitious project
in the last 30 years was launched:

Ananda Sambhuti Master Unit
– Jamalpur Global Model Project

It will include various aspects of Baba’s Mission
in spiritual and social service,
such as a world-class spiritual center,
yoga training school,
Master Unit and more.

The project will also be a platform
to support the local population with a school,
medical center and new jobs.

There are no hospitals
and ambulance services in the district
and on the basis of the medical center,
the dadas plan to provide emergency ambulance
for the surrounding villages

Already 98% funded!
To date, thanks to the efforts,
sacrifices of margiis just like you,
already 13 hectares of land

( US$ 2.6 Million)

have already been acquired and 2 floors
of the main building have been erected.

And it takes $70K
to complete the building.
You can ensure that the building is completed so that service can begin!
Every donation is important!
Ananda Sambhuti
will be the point
from which the mighty tree of Ananda Marga
will grow and enter a new round of development.

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You can build a build a future
of Anandа Margа
we can be proud of!

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